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The Millennial Generation will soon become Australia's largest workforce and is already Australia's largest consumer segment.

Millennial Future exists to help young people succeed and to help organisations understand what Millennials want. We have a network of demographers, strategist, creatives and advisors ready to help you understand the millennial mindset.

Mark MacSmith, Marketing Strategist & Millennial Demographer

Mark has spent over 10 years in the communications and technology industry, recently as Head of Strategy at APAC's most awarded digital agency. He was the lead digital strategist on the globally acclaimed RipCurl SearchGPS, NRL Mission Control and the McDonald's Create Your Taste launch.

Mark now spends his time teaching organisations how to engage with Millennials.

Mark believes that if young people can get the help they need to succeed now, the world will be a better place for generations to come.

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B&T 30 Under 30 Award - Australia
Voted Top 50 Planners to Watch - Global
3 x Cannes Lions For RipCurl Search GPS