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Learn how Millennial's lives and opinions are changing with our latest survey and research of over 1,200 young Australians.

With 46 questions asked to over 1,200 Australians, aged between 18 and 35 year old, The Australian Millennial Research Report delivers the insights your organisation needs meet millennial marketing objectives and improve workplace culture. 

The Australian Millennial Report 2018 includes:

- Over 20 handpicked game changing insights across finance, property, media, food, health, education, transport, environment and politics.
- 4 Unique Australian Millennial Profiles
- Over 100 pages of additional data sets

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Over 20 Game Changing Australian Millennial Insights

  • What issues concern Australian Millennials the most? And how are they going to solve them.

  • Where do Australian Millennials feel our country is heading? And how optimistic are they about their future?

  • Which Australian Millennials are looking for education and financial advice?

  • Which Apps can Australian Millennials not live without and how do they consume content?

  • Which Australian Millennials feel secure in their jobs and what training do they need?

We bring to light a range of new issues which will fundamentally change how you see Australian Millennials. 

Unique Australian Millennial Profiles

Using the data from over 1,200 Australian Millennials, we have been able to pinpoint 4 distinct Millennial Profiles that your business can use in its marketing.

Which Australian Millennials are open to optimistic messaging?
Which areas are Australian Millennials struggling the most?
Which Australian Millennials don't want to own homes?
Which Australian Millennials want to get into politics?
Which Australian Millennials have the most income and savings?
Which Australian Millennials want to travel?
Which Australian Millennials want to save?
Which Australian Millennials are looking to purchase a vehicle?

Our Australian Millennial Profile tool can help you further customise the data understand how to engage Millennials.

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Data available for your modelling

Please contact us if you wish to purchase the raw data or would like us to look at the data in a different way.


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