Millennial Marketing Strategy

From $9,900

We help organisation reach young Australians, through an insight lead approach to marketing communications. By adding a custom level of brand related questioning in addition to the data from the responses of over 1,200 young Australian, we are able to create an brand specific Millennial personas, market segments or avatars. Giving your organisation advanced profiling tools necessary to create a market leading millennial marketing plan. 


  • Marketing Strategy & Channel Plan

  • 3 x Campaign Concepts & Tactic

  • Millennial Marketing Workshop

  • Custom Questions to Millennial Survey Pool (up to 5 questions served to the original respondents of the Australian Millennial report. Useful for creative testing, brand perception and preference tracking, campaign awareness)

  • Complete 140 Page Australian Millennial Report Report

  • 4 Millennial Personas based on additional brand attributes

  • Full Data for use in modelling