The Australian Millennial Report 2018

The Australian Millennial Report 2018


“Insightful piece of research! One of the best I’ve seen in a while on this segment!”

- National Australia Bank’s Head of Emerging Marketing

The Australian Millennial Report 2018 includes:

46 questions asked to over 1,200 Australians aged between 18 and 35 year old, we can help your organisation plan communications briefs, business plans and internal workplace culture. 

  • Over 20 handpicked Game Changer Insights

  • 4 Unique Australian Millennial Profiles

  • Over 100 pages of additional data sets

*100% Money Back Guarantee* If you aren’t blown away by the data in this report, we will happily refund you.

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Over 20 Game Changing Australian Millennial Insights

  • What issues concern Australian Millennials the most? And how are they going to solve them.

  • Where do Australian Millennials feel our country is heading? And how optimistic are they about their future?

  • Which Apps can Australian Millennials not live without and how do they consume content?

  • Which Australian Millennials feel secure in their jobs and what training do they need?

We bring to light a range of new issues which will fundamentally change how you see Australian Millennials. 

4 Unique Australian Millennial Profiles

Using the data from over 1,200 Australian Millennials, we have been able to pinpoint 4 distinct Millennial Profiles that your business can use in its marketing.

  • Which Australian Millennials are open to optimistic messaging?

  • Which areas are Australian Millennials struggling the most?

  • Which Australian Millennials want to get into politics?

  • Which Australian Millennials don't want to own homes?

  • Which Australian Millennials have the most income and savings?