The Australian Millennial Report 2019

The Australian Millennial Report 2019

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The Australian Millennial Report 2019 includes:

A comprehensive report of the latest trends in attitudes, behaviours, and experiences of Australian Millennials. Based on survey responses from over 1,200 Australians aged between 19 and 36, to questions covering more than 20 topics, this report is designed to help your organisation understand and engage with Australian MIllennials.

The report contains the most up to date data on Australian Millennial’s approach to:

  • Smartphone usage

  • Finance & banking

  • Property

  • Media consumption

  • Education

  • Health

  • Environment

  • Politics

  • Family

Also included are 4 unique Australian Millennial consumer segments.

What you get:

  • Full 198 Page High Res PDF

For university library or curriculum usage please contact us directly.

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“The insights derived from this study ensured our clients designed their products, brands  and businesses with reality in mind and helped them avoid some of the stereotypical groupthink so common when talking about this audience.”

- Head of Strategy at The Royals

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Game Changing Insights On Australian Millennials

  • Which industries do Australian Millennials trust the most

  • What are smartphones doing to Millennials health?

  • Where do Australian Millennials feel our country is heading? And how optimistic are they about their future?

  • How has #MeToo movement changed attitudes towards sex

  • What issues concern Australian Millennials the most? And how are they going to solve them.

  • Which Australian Millennials are looking for education and financial advice?

  • Which Apps can Australian Millennials not live without and how do they consume content?

  • Which Australian Millennials feel secure in their jobs and what training do they need?

To find the the answers to these questions you must read The Australian Millennial Report 2019 to light a range of new issues which will fundamentally change how you see Australian Millennials. 

Unique Australian Millennial Marketing Profiles

Using the millennial survey data from over 1,200 Australian Millennials, we have been able to pinpoint 4 distinct Millennial Marketing Profiles that your business can use in its marketing.

  • Which Millennials are open to optimistic messaging?

  • Which Millennials have the most income and savings?

  • Which Millennials want to switch banks?

  • Which Millennials want to travel?

  • Which Millennials want to save?

  • Which Millennials want insurance?

  • Which Millennials are looking after their wellbeing?

  • Which Apps can’t they live without?

Our Australian Millennial Marketing Profiles can help you further understand which Millennials to engage with.

The Australian Millennial Research Report 2019
Survey Questions

With 47 millennial survey questions asked to over 1,200 Millennial Australians, aged between 19 and 36 year old, The Australian Millennial Research Report 2019 delivers the insights your organisation needs meet Millennial marketing objectives and improve workplace culture.

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Millennial Demographics

1.     Which describes you best? (gender)

2.     How old are you?

3.     Where do you live? (state/territory, Metro/regional)

4.     Which describes you best (ethnicity)

5.     Which describes you best? (marital status)

Millennial Education

6.     What is the highest level of education you have achieved?

7.     In your opinion what is the most valuable qualification?

8.     Which of the following do you hope to pursue in the next 5 years? (education)

9.     What do you currently experience as the benefits of your qualifications?

Millennial Work

10.  Which of the following best describes your work style?

11.  In your opinion, what is the most important characteristic in a career?

12.  How secure do you feel in your current job?

13.  How important do you consider the work you do?

Millennial Environment

14.  In your opinion which is the most pressing environmental issue facing Australia?

15.  When it comes to the environment, which of the following is most true of you?

16.  Who bears the greatest responsibility for protecting the environment?

Millennial Households

17.  In your opinion, what is the IDEAL household?

18.  Which of the following (households) do you expect to be more common in 5 years time?

19.  In your opinion, which of the following attitudes towards sex is the most true of Australia?

20.  Please rate your level of trust in the Australian brands operating in the following industries out of 10, where 1 indicates "Totally distrust" and 10 indicates "Trust completely"

a.     Supermarkets

b.     Energy providers

c.     Phone and internet providers

d.     Banking and finance

e.     Insurance providers

f.      The media

Millennial Media

21.  Which of the following is of greatest concern to you when it comes to the media?

22.  Which of the following have you spent money on in the last month? (media)

23.  How do you currently consume the majority of your news?

24.  Which of the following apps can you not live without?

25.  How much time per day do you spend on your smartphone?

Millennial Housing

26.  What is your current housing situation?

27.  How attainable do you consider purchasing property for the first time? Please rate that attainability out of 10, where 0 indicates "Feels impossible" and 10 indicates "I own property already"

Millennial Health

28.  What do you consider the most important benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

29.  Which of the following is true of you? (health insurance)

30.  Which of the following do you currently do to stay healthy?

31.  What are your current health goals?

32.  When was the last time you had a conversation with a friend or family member about mental health?

Millennial Finance

33.  What is your greatest financial challenge?

34.  What do you currently do with your disposable income?

35.  Which of the following do you hope will be true of you in 5 years time? (financial goals)

36.  How attainable do your financial goals feel? Please rate that attainability out of 10, where 0 indicates "They feel impossible" and 10 indicates " I will definitely achieve my financial goals"

37.  Who do you currently bank with?

38.  How will the findings of the recent Royal Commission into the banking and finance industry affect your approach to banking and finance?

Millennial Politics

39.  In the upcoming federal election, you will have the opportunity to use your vote to either re-elect the current government or to elect an alternative. Please indicate how you intend to use your vote out of 10, where 0 indicates "the strongest possible vote AGAINST the current government", 5 indicates "Currently undecided" and 10 indicates "the strongest possible vote IN FAVOUR of the current government"

40.  Which of the following do you currently consider the most important issue at the upcoming federal election

Millennial Optimism

41.  How optimistic are you when it comes to your own prospects for success in the next 5 years? Rate out of 10

42.  How optimistic are you when it comes to Australia's prospects for success in the next 5 years? Rate out of 10

43.  Which of the following do you most closely associate with personal freedom?

44.  Which of the following do you most closely associate with Happiness?

45.  Which of the following do you most closely associate with Success?

46.  Which of the following is currently the greatest source of stress in your life?

47.  How often do you purchase cafe meals like smashed avocado on toast?